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how to leech or download from
April 21th, 2017

you can leech or download youtube video files .
for leech from youtube without get error please use http instead of https .
for example :

you get this video file from youtube :

for leech please remove " s " in link . so your new link is :

Leech is only for premium users .


encode your files for stream and watch online
December 30th, 2016

Hello to uploadkadeh users
now you can stream all your videos . provide watch online for your users .
in upload page , you see new check box with name encode .
if you check this check box, your video files encoded to mp4 format so your files will be play in player in download page .
if you don't check that your original file will be uploaded .
>>> if you don't see check box , please clear your browser cache then you will see it .
enjoy with uploadkadeh .
have a good year .


how can i make money in uploadkadeh ?
November 10th, 2015

you have three way for make money . you have to select one in your my account page . after log in, go to this link :

1- ppd ( pay per download ) =100% of download
2- pps ( pay per sale ) = 40% of every sale or rebill
3- mix ppd and pps =30% of every sale or rebill and 50% of downloads .

Ppd : pay per download
your profit from download depend to file size and downloader is according below table . this amount is per 1000 download.

Pps : pay per sale
How can you sale an account ?
1- Set premium only to your files in my file page . when you set a file to premium only so only premium users can download file . Anyone who buy account for download your file , you take profit .
You can create a vip site or vip weblog with this tools .
2- Use affiliate link . you can get it in your my account page . Anyone who buy account with this link you take profit .
- You can use our banner and your affiliate link for invite people to buy account .
- You can introduce us in your site or weblog as your upload center with your affiliate link.
- Please attention you take 10% profit from your referral profit too .
- You can use email marketing and this tools for sale account .
- You can create a weblog with make money title and explain our service for sale account with your affiliate link .

3- Take profit with your site or weblog domain . we give you 10% for confirm your site in your account .
This is a perfect for webmasters . go to your my account page . see webmaster tools section .
You have to confirm your site or weblog domain . first add meta tag in your site or weblog template .
You have to add it after tag [ ] and before [ ]then write your site or weblog address in text box and click on add button . if you perform it correct you have to see your domain below Approved websites .
Anyone who come to our site from your domain you take profit for download and sale .
you give 10% more money for confirm your site in your account