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Profit rates for 1000 download of your files

Tier 1-1024 MB 1024-2048 MB 2048-* MB
Tier 1: $3.5$4$6
Tier 2: $1.5$2$4
Tier 3: $0.7$1.2$2
Tier 4: $0.4$0.5$1
Tier / Length 1-1024 MB 1024-2048 MB 2048-* MB
Tier 1: $3.5$4$6
Tier 2: $1.5$2$4
Tier 3: $0.7$1.2$2
Tier 4: $0.4$0.5$1
Tier 1: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand
Tier 2: Iran, South Africa, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Italy, Kuwait, Cyprus, Oman, Estonia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Austria
Tier 3: Poland, Qatar, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Belgium, Ireland, Singapore, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Turkey, India, Slovenia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Russian Federation
Tier 4: Other countries

we support all countries
count 1 times from same IP

Profit rates for sale premium account

if you select pps plan : 70% of each sale and 70% for rebill .
if you select mix plan : 50% of each sale and 50% for rebill and 50% of download .

Passive income

We have stable referral program. When user is registered with your referal link, 10% of his profits will be credited to your account.


if you have a web-site, you can start earning right now! Simply register and confirm your website in your panel. All premium accounts purchased by users from your site will bring you up to 10% of it's cost.


we pay your profit daily
minimal payout is 10$ .
we pay to paypal,webmoney,visa card, master card and shetab card
we pay gateways fee

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